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Ven A Mi is a blend of 4 amazing flowers that help support different life transitions.

7 Generaciones is a blend of 6 amazing flowers and a Spider Essence that help support in healing stuff connected to birth trauma, womb trauma. It is great for people who want to get pregnant or start a family. The essences balance relationships to sexuality, to mothering, abandonment, neglect, and early infancy abuse. It is a strong and very effective formula to help heal generational patterns passed down to us in the womb. The formula is made in a delicious cinnamon, rose, chocolate vodka elixir.

Que es una Flower Essence?
At its simplest form, this flower essence formula is a bundle of energetic medicine to help re-balance your body's energy centers and raise your frequency so that you can best respond to life situations. It is very gentle but strong medicine.

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