• Image of Matriz Y Luna: Womb and Lower Abdomen Support Salve

Matriz Y Luna is an incredible mix of chamomile, rose, rosemary, comfrey, pericon, and palo santo. This particular salve is dear to my heart as it has been helping me rebalance my own moon cycle after a very intense car accident. Im happy to share the gentle yet powerful healing of these herbs together. My salves are a month long process made with intention and infused with Reiki energy healing. The slave is specifically good for cramping, pain, inflammation, and overall support. Please do not put this salve on the belly of a pregnant person.

I have listed some of the many properties of each herb.

* Chamomile calms tummy problems, help speed the healing of wounds, anti-inflamatory so it reduces swelling, reduces muscle spasms so its good for cramping

* Rose is very soothing and healing

* Rosemary stimulates metabolism, strengthens the stomach, promotes menstrual flow, soothes the nerves, stops spasm and cramps, helps liberate stuck or congested energy, softens skin, helps heal cuts, bruises, and wounds

* Comfrey is anti-inflamatory, speeds wound and bruise healing, is high in calcium, and vitamin C


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